J-Fashion Trick or Treat party – photo post

Photos from Halloween party organized through Lolita Croatia  by me and my friend Ivana Bodul for Japanese fashion lovers in Croatia. It was held in my apartment in Zagreb, 30 people in two small rooms but we managed somehow : ) Here is a preview of the atmosphere on the event, some outfit photos, decorations, games (lolita test :D) and prizes we had, choker and Kagamine cosplay I made for this event and Singstar afterparty we had.

Announcement we had on Lolita Croatia (click).

Report from the party featured on Hedonist Factory (click).

Sneak peek photo from Hedonist Factory:

And here are my pictures:

Decorations (everything homemade by me):


Outfit photos.





Ivana & Ivana



Ella & Josip

Jelena & Iva

Ana & Jasmina

Katarina & Damir


Leona & Mario

Edita & Jelena

Anja, Pixie & Ivana.

Akira & Marina in Kagamine Rin and Len cosplay made by me. I made for both girls: sailor collars and scarfs, armcuffs, legwarmers, side straps and headbow. Pants have only unfinished fabric inserted by the left girl. Done in a very short time and very short budget so it’s not neat as I usually do but I’m satisfied with result regarding the circumstances.

Me with the girls.

My zombie/guro lolita outfit, I have published the tutorial for the blood splatter few days ago here.


Games and prizes

First we had a small game of randomly pulling questions from the witch hat… just everyday questions like “What is your favorite color?” and “Pokemon or Digimon?”. A lot of people were new so the point was to help everyone get to know each other and relax.

Than we had a sudden, unannounced lolita test, like in school : D With prizes for first two contestants. But all the questions and answers were quirky, just for fun, not meant to measure knowledge but made them laugh through some stereotypes and it was just a matter of luck to win. Lucky girls were Klara and Ena. Pictures:

Next prize game was treasure hunt. We hid 3 envelopes with hints throughout the house, they pointed that the main prize was on the attic. Additional hint was key in attic doors, they were locked. All envelopes said at the end: “turn the key and find the prize”. Hunt was crazy and so much fun, everyone scattered and did a great effort to find the hints and prize. Leona had the best luck in finding it.

Than we gathered the winners to give them prizes but first we played a trick on them. Two girls from the test got a back scratcher/shoe helper (češalica/žlica za cipele) and  carpet beater (klofač) and the main prize was a dog toy hamburger.

But than we brought them real prizes. First prize was a coupon for handmade clothes/accessories in Marcifromiyu (my brand) and Kraljevstvo Perlica i Kukica (Ivana’s brand) worth 250 kn. Two other prizes were assorted candy and chocolates and handmade chokers made by me and Ivana. We also had small candy packages for everyone who attended.

Choker Klara got, made by Ivana (Kraljevstvo Perlica i Kukica)

Choker Ena got, designed, sewn and hand painted by me (Marcifromiyu)

Ivana and me with the girls who won the prizes.

Ena with my choker.


Other photos.

Me with Tina, author on Hedonist Factory and a good friend of mine.

Party continued till morning with Singstar.


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