Tocsin Designs Recommendation

Tocsin header – copyright Tocsin Etsy

Crazy cool rockabilly/psycho/horror jewelry from Croatia!

Free shipping worldwide! These creations are also 100% animal friendly, made only with vegan materials!

Evil mastermind behind this project is Moira, from the city Split. Born on the same year as punk culture (1976.) she is a true child of that era with her rebellious spirit and designs. Her description on Etsy says all:“Accessories inspired by goth, psychobilly, punk, rockabilly, pin ups, 50’s/60’s B-horror movies, classic horror cinema, calavera and tattoo culture. In Tocsin shop Halloween never ends.” Everything offered is handmade by Moira and because of that unique, available in limited numbers.

Take a look at few pieces of Tocsin designs I have selected

(all pictures copyright Tocsin Etsy):

And much more on her:



+ Tocsin Pinterest & Tumblr!

So Ghoulish Gals, what are you waiting for, go get those creeptastic pieces!


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