MyauMania in Grazia magazine!

My fashion brand MyauMania is featured in this month’s issue of Grazia magazine in the column “BE(4)TREND” by Bianca Šehović!


You can get this magazine on Croatian news stands for 9.90KN starting today until the next month.

On this column you can see me wearing clothes (black lolita jumper skirt; blue set: jabot, skirt and headdress; black lolita petticoat; black lace choker) from this year’s gothic lolita winter collection which was also featured on fashion show on Art Clubbing event in VIP club.

grazia marcifromiyu

BE4TREND column – copyright Grazia magazine and BE4TREND

Caption on the right says:

“Marcifromiyu – cifrasta i razigrana alternativna moda.”

(Marcifromiyu – primp and playful alternative fashion.

(– > I was still using my old name for fashion design, Marcifromiyu… in the meantime I changed it to my general name MyauMania)


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