Blanche of Arts fashion show & Art Clubbing 22.02.2013.

Report from Blanka Medak’s indie brand “Blanche of Arts” fashion show! It was a part of Art Clubbing event in VIP club in Zagreb, Croatia on 22. January.

copyright Blanche of Arts

BlancheOfArts is a small indie brand run by Blanka Medak, academic painter. She designs retro clothing inspired by golden era of Hollywood. This nostalgia for lost times, spiced up with fairytale imagery, resulted with the style of Alice in Wonderland in vintage edition. This collection is perfect for long bicycle rides, daytime strolls and dance halls.”

“BlancheOfArts je mali indie brand iza kojeg stoji Blanka Medak, akademska slikarica. Ona stvara retro odjeću inspiriranu zlatnom erom Hollywooda. Ova nostalgija za minulim vremenima, začinjena dozom bajke, rezultirala je stilom Alise u Vintage izdanju. Kolekcija je stvorena za duge vožnje biciklom, dnevne izlaske i plesnjake.”

Check out her creations on:

Facebook Page:
Facebook Profile:

photos above copyright Blanche of Arts

Here is my video from the fashion show. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to film the beginning of it, only the performing part but it’s the fun part of this innovative fashion show. My favorite was when one model danced swing with a guy from the audience, loved it! This collection featured a motive of swallows, on hair pieces and clothing appliques. Girls did a wonderful job wearing this cute and romantic clothing, giving it a touch of their own personal character.


Photos and copyright by Martina Hohnjec and UZagrebu Info:

(click for bigger photo)

See more photos of Art Clubbing event in gallery on UZagrebu Info.


My photos of the girls and the designer Blanka Medak (click for bigger photo):

Blanka Medak:


Other guests on this Art Clubbing event were:

Band Two Faces of Gala, alternative rock, surf, garage band. You can hear their stuff on Bandcamp.


There was an art exhibit by Monika Meglić.


And a wonderful stand by a indie brand I just recently found out about – MjeZec (+ DeviantArt)! She offers “drawings and illustrations on various materials, birthday and other cards, jewelry, painting on shoes”. I was so delighted when I found out about it through this event! This very cute girl draws so nice, all her characters are so sweet and adorable, anime and kawaii style often, perfect for lolita, otome and other cute styles! I just had to bought a sleeping cats bookmark and a rocking “horse” unicorn card (one on the pictures that says “You rock my world“)  and when you fold it it really does rock (I do it all the time now xD)! Perfect addition to my sewing studio! Make sure to check out MjeZec and pick up something for yourself, prices are more than affordable and she does pieces of art, every product is hand drawn and painted, therefore completely unique!


Here is my outfit for that evening :) I missed wearing berets.


I also did an interview for Radio Sljeme, it is about Art Clubbing event in general and my brand MyauMania.

It will be on air tomorrow, Friday, starting at 23:00, on Radio Sljeme 88.1 FM. Don’t miss it! :)


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