Gothika + Pure Electro & Musica Obscura @Močvara

Japanese electro/EBM/synthpop group Gothika will perform in Croatia again, promoting their new album “Yomi”, next week as part of the Pure Electro & Musica Obscura event in Močvara!


They have performed in Croatia three times before and everyone who participated know how awesome Yoshiki and Andro are…  so for those of you that don’t know, don’t miss this great opportunity!

Here is the description copied from their Facebook:

GOTHIKA is an extreme heterodoxy group in present music scene. Pop melody line like 80’s new wave or new romantics and decadent world like industrial or gothic music are involved in their sound. Vocalist andro‘s immoral lyrics that are deeply related to perverted sexual experience administer the tablet to the people who hold sickness in mind. The live performance like excessive sex appeal is a reason why we are called an aesthetic school.”

Read the rest of the post for announcement of this event and take a look at few of my photos from their show…

DJ END (Zagreb)

upad: 25 KN

Nakon poduže pauze, Gothika je nedavno izdala novi album “Yomi” koji bi s japanskog na hrvatski mogli prevesti kao “Svijet nakon smrti”. Kako to inače biva, nakon izlaska albuma slijedi i turneja. U sklopu turneje ovaj japanski electro/EBM/synthpop duo s trenutnom lokacijom u Berlinu posjetit će Močvaru u kojoj su imali priliku nastupiti prije nekoliko godina. Svirali su na brojnim gothic/new wave partyjima u Europi i Japanu gdje su uvijek rado viđeni, dođite ih vidjeti na 14. rođendanu Močvare.

DJane REDLILLY (Zagreb) & DJ END (Zagreb)
Prije i nakon Gothike, Pure Electro & Musica Obscura DJ team vam priređuje EBM/dark electro/futurepop/industrial/dark wave/synthpop party.

Cijene pića u Močvari su povoljne. Pivo već od 12 kuna, chekiraj cjenik ->


My photos from 2009. in Močvara:


And from 2011. at Boogaloo Halloween party:


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