MyauMania skirt at Kazalište Trešnja

MyauMania’s tulle skirt with satin bows will be used as a part of the costume in the theatrical performance at Kazalište Trešnja, in a play “Šest konaka šegrta Hlapića” (Six lodgings of the apprentice Hlapić).

Hlapić is a character from a very well known Croatian book “Čudnovate zgode šegrta Hlapića” (The Marvellous Adventures of Hlapić the Apprentice or The Brave Adventures of Lapitch) by the famous author Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić.

This is a great honor for me, I’m so happy! If you live in Croatia visit the performance, it is free.

More info on the poster – you can also see the skirt on it:

hlapic miyu

This is the one (click for larger photo):



2 responses to “MyauMania skirt at Kazalište Trešnja

    • Thank you! You know, in fact I was thinking about that this morning :D To offer my work to some theaters. This was unplanned, my friend who bought the skirt loaned it to the girl acting in the play. But, at least in Croatia, alternative fashion isn’t something that brings food on the table so I was thinking of spreading my work to costumes. Anyway I really appreciate your idea, especially regarding this theater and they have regular shows for children, lolita fashion would fit perfect. I think I’ll try it! :) Thank you!

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