Second fashion show – Fashion JAM

Report from my second fashion show which took place at HDLU building (Dzamija) in Zagreb on July 25. 2013.

I presented my summer collection 2013. “Surfin’ Kawaii”.

Photo copyright Martina Špoljarić.

Photo copyright Martina Špoljarić.

Event was organized by JAM – Udruga za promicanje hrvatske umjetnosti i međukulturnog dijaloga and Martina Hohnjec photography (official photographer for all designers).

Host of the show was Fashionbabica and DJ was Akira Takanori (A.Revolver and Kamikaze Noise)

Designers were: Aždaja, Candybalism, Ivana Kuzminski, Ivana Pasinek design, Katarina Mamić, Martina Tompić and me, MyauMania.

My models were Marina Bitunjac, Petra Zvonar, Naomi Yong, Ana Wi Can, Hana Ayane Rodich, Petra Krolo, Greta Macabre, Ana Vine, Tamara Kamikaze.

All of my models were wearing necklaces by Hepi Art.

Cameraman was Alojzije Kovačević.

Photographer for MyauMania was Martina Špoljarić photography.

Thanks to everyone who participated! :) ♥

Alojzije Kovačević AK 1947 video:

Z1 television report:

Photos by Martina Hohnjec:


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