As a part of my trip to London I participated in Japanese fashion lolita style event Enchanted organized by Street Fashion Europe.

There are so many informations, pictures and reports available so it doesn’t make sense to put it all here but you can follow Street Fashion Europe Facebook page for everything listed in one place :)


So let’s start with few basic informations for those of you who haven’t heard of it before. It was a two day event, main things happening on Saturday 5. April and tea party with special guests on 6. April.

I participated only on Saturday 5. April (next time I’ll be smart and reserve any ticket possible!).

Here is the program for that day, take special attention to the guests of honor! <3 …and list of stalls and donators on the back:

treasure 0008 treasure 0009

Notice I’m on the back in the donators list as well! :D I made three round headdresses and a sailor collar especially for this event but in the rush forgot to take decent pictures of them >.< If you got my sailor collar or headdresses with bird nests or teapot as a raffle prize please take pictures, I’m giving out discounts for it! :D I have only this Instagram picture:


My prizes also included a fluffy squid headband, zebra spiked headband, strawberry eyepatch with fluffy red polka dot bow and punk lolita sailor collar.


As a part of my Spring collection 2014. I made a jumper skirt and coat for myself, as well as matching choker, headdress and birdcage bag.


For the shoes I decided on the Startas sneakers that I got as a part of Borovo d.d. sponsorship for my Spring collection. It seemed like a challenge to fit them into this kind of outfit and I love challenges. On the more important part, I felt it is important to promote Croatian design since this factory exists for a long time, Startas was worn way back in Yugoslavia and I really admire this factory and it’s battle on the market today. So girls, please support them!

These shoes have a bird pattern that fits my outfit, cute bows and they are so comfortable!


Before leaving the house we did a little photoshoot in Cathy’s garden (see more of it on this link):

enchanted 0012

enchanted 0008

For this event I decided to wear only my designs (on the pictures: choker, headdress, jumper skirt, coat, bag) and things I got in Croatia, as a form of promotion and as well as encouraging local girls that this fashion can be worn locally. (only thing that isn’t from Croatia is a silver bow ring I got in London from Cathy)

A lot of it is upcycled. Coat fabric is a redesigned curtain and I found the birdcage on my attic. Bird nests and eyelashes were bought in a local cheap shop Offertisima, socks with lace are from Chinese shop. Birdcage necklace is from shop Accessorize. Jumper skirt cotton blend fabric with feathers is from fabric shop Pamigo. Shoes are, as mentioned Startas brand.

Unicorn horn was a huge success at the event and deserves a special paragraph.  It is a gift from a very talented friend Ada Acid. She did all the horns for my Spring collection (click to see them). If you need horns I highly recommend her! She does all sorts of other interesting stuff as well, jewelry, cosplay, illustration.


Great part of that day. Horn was too tall for subway, I felt really funny walking like that around – but no one cared! Great thing about London. Some guy said it was brilliant and some kids wanted to take a picture with me but that’s it. Next stop, wearing my horn on Croatian streets, that will be something :D

enchanted event 0004

enchanted event 0005

Tetsu and me ^o^

Tetsu and me ^o^

Tetsu and I decided to go together to event, to keep each other company <3 Few days before it turns out she had an extra ticket so the opportunity presented itself – for Alen to attend the event too! He attends all Croatian meet ups and really supports me in this interest of mine, taking photos, knowing all the brands and prints, suggesting what I should buy xD He has seen Vienna Innocent World event only on photos so I was so happy that he could experience this too with me! It’s not the same without him.

So the gang got together at Liverpool station and Lisa joined us too. Unicorn, punk and two gorgeous fluffy lolitas with bonnets, what a site!

enchanted event 0011

enchanted event 0020

enchanted event 0017

We arrived at the Gibson hall a bit too early.

enchanted event 0021

When we came back there was already a huge line.

enchanted event 0046

enchanted event 0053

enchanted event 0058

On the reception desk we got our VIP tote bags with Enchanted print on, promotion leaflets, candy’s, some cool tea that opens up like a flower and a raffle ticket. Notice my MyauMania leaflet on the left :D I’ve sent 150 of them :)

treasure 0004

I love postcards with artwork I got! Have to frame them all ^_^ Had some copies, gave them to my friends. The one on the far left is a sticker, and second one on the left is Minori’s artwork. Third one is from Lacebook, artwork by Oh Tralala, I admire it so much, so talented! And the last one is from Enchanted event.

treasure 0005

I had two raffle tickets since Alen had a ticket as well… but my ticket didn’t won a prize. Alen’s did on the other hand! :D Yay! I got a ring and a badge from Roxiesweetheart.co.uk. Lisa gave me the pink bat, she won it at the raffle but doesn’t wear pastel goth. I’m so lucky I guess :D And Enchanted badge was in my VIP goodie bag, love it to death.

treasure 0001

STALLS (for complete list go here)

Minori, shironuri artist

enchanted event 0060

Kunika Ono, sweets artist

enchanted event 0119

treasure 0006

Atelier Pierrot, Japanese gothic and lolita brand.

enchanted event 0063

Dreamy Bows, retailer for Angelic Pretty

enchanted event 0069

enchanted event 0131

Second hand stall, most crazy stall with so many cool and cheap brand stuff.

enchanted event 0065 enchanted event 0064

Madame Chocolat, alternative shop from Barcelona.

enchanted event 0078

Roxie Sweetheart, indie brand from UK.

enchanted event 0085

Femme Jolie, indie brand from UK.

enchanted event 0094

Cloudberry Lady, indie brand from Finland.

enchanted event 0129

Ergi by Piratessan, shop and indie brand from Sweden.

enchanted event 0126

Curse of Cute, new indie brand for jewelry.

enchanted event 0128


Welcome speech by organizers.

enchanted event 0133

Fashion show.

enchanted event 0149 enchanted event 0148 enchanted event 0150 enchanted event 0153

Auction for Minori’s unique designs.

enchanted event 0156 enchanted event 0158 enchanted event 0159

Winners of the auction.

enchanted event 0173

Make-up tutorial by Minori.

enchanted event 0223

Raffle, it was hectic, so many prizes. I hope people who got my stuff liked it.

enchanted event 0249

Group picture *_*

Copyright Street Fashion Europe (https://www.flickr.com/photos/122661574@N05/sets)

Copyright Street Fashion Europe (https://www.flickr.com/photos/122661574@N05/sets)

Little speech after everything by organizers.

enchanted event 0253

Music after the event by Julia Mascetti and Megan Valentine/Heroine Syndrome.

enchanted event 0269


Food <3

enchanted event 0164

People taking photographs, this group was so so cute! <3

enchanted event 0177

I was photographed by official photographer Saoirse Clohessy.

enchanted event 0099

Tetsu bought cat print tights, so wonderful! And matches her outfit although it is house themed (but every house should have a cat! :D)

enchanted event 0105

I need this print in my life!

enchanted event 0134

I love this photo of Alen and me.

enchanted event 0183


I’ve missed and met <3

enchanted event 0117   enchanted event 0176 enchanted event 0179  enchanted event 0206enchanted event 0204

enchanted event 0222  enchanted event 0242  enchanted event 0266enchanted event 0224enchanted event 0155


There were just so many beautiful outfits! Everyone looked amazing, I would keep looking around me and taking pictures but still didn’t have time to photograph everyone I admired. It is glorious how much creativity and effort people have put into their outfits and headpieces. Resulting in pure perfection, works of art!

I think this is one of the best things about this kind of events, they encourage people to be creative and take it to the next level. And no matter what you did with your outfit, truth is that when you see others you will still feel underdressed. And yet this makes your passion for fashion feel normal, with like minded people :)

So anyway this post is so very crowded with pictures and I still have so much to show. So I’ll put photos of 6 outfit that were my favorites at the event and for others please check my Facebook album of the event.

I feel so sad that it is over, that this post is over, want to go back. Can’t wait for another event I’ll be able to attend! Thank you Street Fashion Europe for this wonderful event!

enchanted event 0146enchanted event 0135  enchanted event 0228enchanted event 0256  enchanted event 0200 enchanted event 0192


VIDEO by Nadina Osmani (I’m in it! :))
VIDEO by Amelia Grisdale (you can see Alen and me on the few shots)
Fashion show report by Lorina Liddell.
Report by Kawaii international will be broadcasted on NHK TV!

Check out the show on
April 26, Sat. 15:10/21:10
April 27, Sun. 3:10/9:10
(UTC or Universal Time Coordinated)






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