London trip

I visited London with my husband for the first time in our lives! It was at the beginning of April. First of all to participate in Japanese fashion and lolita event Enchanted (special post about that later!) and of course to finally see London, since it was a big wish for both of us for years but we didn’t get to fulfill it before.

We traveled from Zagreb airport to Gatwick, it was also our very first airplane travel, exciting and really scary. But I loved it, view of the clouds and sky is wonderful. It was a bit different than American movies, cabin space is much much smaller. Two things I found to be most amusing are; first food, drink, make up and souvenir catalogs and second choreographic that stewardess does to show the security measures. It is really pretty, goofy and terrifying all at the same time.

london 0001

london 0011

london 0030

We met Lucija on the plane traveling to London, she is Croatian but lives in UK. Great girl, in those two hours we connected on so many levels and stayed in touch, hope to see her again :)

london 0035

In London we stayed with our dear friend Cathy, her cool roommate Foxie and kitties Genghis and Sumi for 8 days. Cathy is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met, so caring and helpful. We’ve known each other only through internet for a few years but she welcomed us like we are family. I miss them all so much and hope to see Cathy soon in Croatia, it would be so much fun!

Here are the kitties:  Cuddly Genghis
london 0006

Little Sumi ^.^

london 0026

And Cathy with Alen and me <3

london 0020  london 0042

Every day in London we would sleep longer to get rested but than we spent our entire day roaming through the streets. We enjoyed just walking around, looking at buildings, people, checking streets we passed on the map.

london 0003  london 0027london 0036london 0019   london 0041

Getting on a double-decker bus started out as an adventure, a tourist must-do but soon we realized it is much easier to explore London that way, great view, much more ground covered, comfortable. So we spent a lot of time in them, even when we could take the subway it was more fun going with the bus.

london 0016

london 0018london 0004

But I would lie to say buses are better than subway. I just love it! The speed, atmosphere and people, all the red circle signs saying underground… Really cool. We took the Piccadilly line every day.

london 0032

london1 0002london1 0001 10177877_287584701406558_2455096782518672229_n

Here I’ve lost my Babyssb parasol/umbrella at King’s Cross station and found it xD

london 0014

I went there to travel to Hogwarts xD <3 /childhood dreams/

london 0038

There are so many tourists in London, it’s crazy.  On some busier streets it would be weird when people would be staring, yelling and taking photos of us but we soon realized those are tourists. Most of the time in another areas no one looked at us twice, even though on the day of Enchanted I had a huge unicorn horn on my head, no one paid attention, it was amazing compared to Croatia.

We enjoyed Camden the most, with it’s Stable’s market filled with alternative clothing and just interesting people on the streets, many punks and goths.

london 0005 london 0007 london 0025

I bought some Antaina shoes at Sai Sai shop :) Here I’m just trying on, later I bought the blue pair and another black one with platform.

london 0008

There were so many skinhead and punk shops, loved it! Owners of these two shops, the “Oi, oi! shop” and “Skinwear” were so nice and friendly. Next time we have to save harder for the trip, so many great things to buy.

london 0009 london 0033

On Sunday on Camden we also met a group of people from Saturday’s lolita event Enchanted, it is always so great bumping into people like that on the streets :)


london 0023

Cyberdog shop was just brilliant! Awesome beyond words!

london 0039

I’m a fan of this girl and she works there! *.*

london 0022

We also visited Victoria and Albert museum, their fashion department is so nice.

london 0010

At Natural history museum, seeing the dinosaurs… I was a little kid again :D

london 0028

There are so many sushi fast food shops in London. This one Wasabi is on every street corner. I liked their vegetarian bento, except for one role with some gooey sea weed xD

london 0012

In this store in China town we bought Pocky ^_^

london 0013

This store in China town had a wonderful collection of Japanese imported items and …

london 0029

london2 0001

purikura!! :D <3

london 0021

As huge coffee addicts we had some coffee at home as well as in the city, Costa was my favorite. Still have the munchies when I think about their cakes.

london 0037

Drinking coffee in Cathy’s garden.

london 0017

We went to two gigs, in clubs The Victoria and The Unicorn. Beer in the pubs was really expensive so prepare yourself if you want to go clubbing to London. But we very much enjoyed our time there.

london2 0002 london 0031

We also got to spend time with some of our friends that were at the same time in London.

Had a blast with Ella in an awesome punk/metal pub :D

london 0024

With my dear friend from Berlin Tetsu, her sister and a friend, in a pub called Elephants Head.

london 0040

Well these are tidbits from my travel, next post is about Enchanted! ^_^


5 responses to “London trip

    • Thank you dear! We were lucky to be able to stay for 6 full days (first day we arrived at evening, and last day we traveled early in the morning), it was perfect for sightseeing although there are still so many other things we didn’t get to see :D I fell in love with London, hope to come back soon. This was only our second trip (first was Vienna), we always wanted to travel but started doing it just now… it means so much, I rather save whole year for it :)

  1. Awesome post, I love London so much, very glad to hear you guys enjoyed it and got to visit so many places! It was so lovely to meet you <3

    • I’m so happy to meet you too! ^_^ <3 Events like Enchanted are so amazing, you get to meet people and see new places, can't wait for another event like that! :)

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