New photos – Spring photo shoot!

Finally we did the Spring photo shoot (click). It was constantly getting delayed due to bad weather.

During the photo shoot we even had to move to other location three times since we got surrounded by swarms of hungry mosquito on first two location. In first 5 minutes we had so many bites on body and face, models were all red, crazy.

But third time lucky, we managed to do it! Thankfully I am able to work with such great people so the day was success and filled with so much fun.

Horns artist: Ada Acid
Hair stylist: Carla Crue
Make up artist: Anna Kosir – Makeup Artist
Models: Ani and Pixie Trash

Horns artist: Ada Acid
Photographer: MyauMania
Fashion Designer: MyauMania


Plus few photos behind the scenes :)

making of  005

making of  006

making of  002

making of  003 making of  004

making of  001 making of  009

making of  008

making of  1001

making of  007


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