PandaKon 2014.

We had a great time at PandaKon 2014., here is a photo and video report.

Fashion show “Myau Maniacs” was amazing. As a reminder, this is a new concept I did in which my customers, supporters and wearers of MyauMania’s clothes, for this occasion they were my models, stylists and fashion show organizers. Girls were perfect on the runway and each of them showed the audience their own unique personality.

Outfit lookbook:

panda2 154 panda2 155 panda2 156 panda2 157 panda2 158 panda2 159 panda2 160 panda2 161 panda2 162










panda2 163

panda2 164

You can watch the video:

Book presentation photos. It was a short introduction on the topics covered in Cute Face of Rebellion with small quiz and prizes.

panda1 074 panda1 073 panda1 072

My stall the first day.

panda1 001

And the second day.

panda2 011

Extra photos:

panda2 009 panda2 010 panda1 004 panda2 008

I’ve met many people at the stall but my favorite encounter was with this cute girl in lolita style! She was the only one there wearing lolita and since there are only few people here wearing this style I was so so happy to meet her.

panda2 077

My friend’s stall A.Revolver and Marina Mika.

panda1 084

Outfits on those two days by my dearest friends.

panda2a 001panda2 006panda2 051

panda1 060

panda1 034

Alen <3

panda1 006 panda2 094

And here I am with organizers at the end of the event, love you guys!

panda2 208


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