Metamorphose Lolita Event in London: “Revelry”

UK’s oldest and biggest lolita community Tea Party Club is celebrating their anniversary! This year their guest is Japanese brand Metamorphose temps de fille!

This event is called REVELRY, so be sure to check out their EVENT PAGE!

Metamorphose’s announcement for the event.


myauMANIA can proudly say that we are one of the donators for this event, our gifts for the raffle are being made these days. If you get myauMANIA gift we would love to see your outfits with it so don’t be shy and send us a message ^_^ !

Here is a copy of the official announcement for the event:

Tea Party Club presents – Revelry
20th – 21st September

Metamorphose temps le fille
The Gothic & Lolita Bible
Ai Akizuki

The Tea Party Club is the UK’s oldest and biggest lolita community. Each year we celebrate our birthday and each year our birthday events keep on getting better and better. In 2012 The Tea Party Club hosted Juliette et Justine’s director and head designer Mari Nakamura and Gothic and Lolita Bible – this was the first time Juliette et Justine had attended an event outside of Japan. In 2013 we hosted Frock On! The biggest lolita convention in Europe, we were super honoured to host a multidtue of indie brand designers from around the world as guests including Hitomi Nomura of Grimoire.

This year The Tea Party Club is proud to anounce that Metamorphose temp de fille will be our main guest for our 7th year Anniversary. The anniversay runs over two days – Saturday 20th September and Sunday 21st September.

For those of you who have been here for a fair while you will remember that Metamophose played an integral part in bringing authentic lolita to fans outside of Japan. Back when the main shopping site for a western lolita was Cosmates and the Bodyline on there was mid-thigh maid outfits, when people sewed skirts out of bed sheets and paired it with school blouses (if you follow EGL’s recent throw back Thursdays you’ll get the picture) and the internet was filled with tutorials for bead crowns and maxipad headdresses; Metamorphose was the very first lolita brand to post abroad to the rest of the world and welcome us into lolita fashion – heck they even used PayPal from the start too! Truely the brand for everyloli (see what I did there), Metamorphose has always been accommodating and welcoming to lolitas of all sizes, creating plus sized designs, using plenty of shirring and adjustable ties to make things both bigger and smaller and creating long length versions. They have welcomed lolitas of all budgets with their cost friendly bi-annual lucky packs and special sets.

This is the first time ever Metamorphose will attend an event outside of Japan. Metamorphose will be selling at the event as well as a fashion show.

As well as the fabulous Metamorphose we are pleased to announce that we will also be joined by Ai Akizuki
Ai is a Japanese lolita model and spokesperson. She founded Gothic & Lolita & Punk no Kai, the Tea Party Club’s twinned community in Japan, which, like the TPC in the UK, is the biggest lolita group in Japan. Recently graduating from her work there, Ai has gone on to model for lolita brands and give lectures on lolita fashion at universities and non-profit organisations.
Ai’s dream is to spread lolita culture around the world from Japan where it originated. She hopes to be a spokesperson and ambassador for lolita fashion culture.
Ai will be speaking on stage about becoming and working as a lolita model, lolita fashion culture and life as a lolita in Japan. We’re really excited to be able to talk to her about lolita fashion culture within its homeland of Japan and how Japanese lolita’s experiences differ to our own, so please prepare some questions for her!

Our third and final guest for The Tea Party Clubs 7th Anniversary will be Toshie Mihashi the new editor of our favourite lolita mook Gothic and Lolita Bible.
Ms Mihashi has a varied and very impressive career as a journalist – 2014 will mark her 20th year as being an editor. I will not give you all of the details (because when I say lengthy I really mean it). Ms. Mihashi has a history of working with fashion brands and magazines some of which include loli appropriate KERA and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright mook Little Red Riding hood as well as other art mooks such as Clapsaddle and Monster Hunter and Mix – fashion magazines from Harajuku for boys. In addition to this, Ms Mihashi has also worked on website, including creating the NicoNico channel “Harajuku Aoyama boutique” There is more, so much more, and if you really want it, I will copy paste it, but in including fashion shoots, catalogues and advertising.
This is the second time we have hosted G.L.B. will be back with us again. If you guys were with us a couple of years ago when we hosted JetJ you will know how amazing having GLB will be and for those who weren’t with us – check out GLB volume 46. We got a silly amount of coverage 6 pages including a model photoshoot, tea party event coverage at street snaps! We are very lucky that Ms Mihashi has agrred to do a Q and A panel for us, so get your thinking caps on!So yeah, big deal!

Our three guests will be with us for the whole weekend Saturdays event and the tea party on Sunday. We have always been lucky to have stunning venues for our events and this year is no exception. Saturdays venue will be The Honourable Society of Grey’s Inn.

The venue for our tea party with our special guests in the exclusive private members club; The Army and Navy Club, also known as the Rag

The model calls is now open! If you would like to have a chance to model for Metamorphose AND perhaps get your pic in the Gothic & Lolita Bible (and maybe more, modelling for our events has lead to further modelling opportunities – some people have gone on to model for JetJ, Grimoire)
Applications are open to everyone who has a Saturday ticket! Metamorphose will be choosing the models and we have no idea what their preferences are so please give it a try! If you don’t have your ticket yet they’re still available to buy!
Please send us A SINGLE PICTURE with:
Face close up
Full body shot
Bust measurement
Waist measurement
Ticket number
And send it to
Applications close on the 10th August

That’s it, that’s everything – we still have a few tickets left. More event info can be found here and you can buy tickets here but feel free to comment or PM me.

Each year lolitas travel across the world to celebrate our anniversary with us – Australia, Chile, USA, Canada and all over Europe and we would love for you to join us and Metamorphose this year.

We would also like to apologize for the lateness of this announcement. Due to circumstances out of our control, this year’s guest unfortunately was no longer able to make it so will become the guest for 2015 instead. As a result we only had a short time to secure equally amazing guests for you and this process takes a lot of time! We didn’t want to announce anything prematurely and have to go back on our word so we really appreciate your support and patience.


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