Update and news for 2016./2017.

Hello everyone. As you can see I have fallen behind with updates, haven’t posted in a long time and still need to update this website with (not so) new happenings, but I’m regular on my Facebook profile Martina Križanić so feel free to add or follow.

As some of you know, I enrolled in fashion design college in 2014. so currently I’m a student of Costume Design.  Last year I also worked my ass off on a project of student cooperative Fabric8 co-op and some other smaller student projects and exhibitions. I also made it to work on Spring/Summer collection in 2015. and did few fashion shows and exhibitions.

In the Summer of 2015. my husband and I finally decided to have a baby, after much thought and a lot of waiting over the years. I am currently 6 months pregnant and it was a bumpy road in the meantime, especially health wise, but I’m doing much better now. Even made it to get my drivers licence and work with my new band Srbi in this Fall and Winter.

But I will probably be on hiatus for some time in the field of fashion design. This wasn’t my main intention as I wanted to be one of those crazy pregnant ladies doing stuff and going places. Some say I still am, but it is definitely 10% of what I could do before, my body just isn’t working with me and it was hard to be in peace with that for some time. So this hiatus isn’t something set in stone, I am full of ideas for new projects but I’ll do (or not do) them in my own tempo and as much as I can, since I also plan to graduate first chance possible (this is my last year of classes on college). Things I can not do, for example sewing at this moment due to sciatica, will be prepared for some later period in life. I also set some goals for self improvement in the meantime, books to read and practical things to learn: screen printing here I come!

I also want to set things aside and enjoy this adventure we are having right now. It is an amazing experience and chance for me to interpret my role as a mother, which will be respectful to my personal identity and beliefs, ignoring the pressures of capitalist media and patriarchal society. Something I feared so much, as a potential of loosing myself, actually happened to be a source of new found happiness and such strength,  to fight for our own way of life and beliefs, as well as a chance for unconditional love and care for another human being.

I wish to thank everyone who are following and cheering me over the years, please keep it up and feel free to contact me anytime. See you again soon with new projects!


Miyu ~ Martina Križanić



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