Martina Križanić graduated with master’s degree in sociology at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Filozofski fakultet) in the summer of 2012. with the thesis titled: “Cute Face of Rebellion: Feminine and Consumerist Subversive Practices of Japanese Subcultures as a Reaction against Tradition and Patriarchy“.

Afterwards this thesis received the award from the Center for Women’s Studies in the November of 2012. and in 2013. funding support for publishing by Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. It is now available on the market in expanded version, Croatian language edition is titled “Slatko lice pobune”, published by Jesenski i Turk.

Martina’s scientific interests revolve around feminism and gender studies, cultural studies, postmodernism, fashion and life style, youth culture and subcultures, Japanese society, animal rights and sustainability. Interdisciplinary approach is inseparable from all of this, as well as use of collected knowledge through activist practices.

After graduation she decided to express her interests in a form of fashion project myauMANIA which serves to examine standard boundaries of fashion design world and subcultures, as well as ideas of consumerism and activism, feminism and gender identities, performing arts. Fashion is interesting and daring to work with, it goes beyond art, pop culture, business and craft so this versatility makes it a strong medium for activist communication and advocacy of ideas.

Every product of myauMANIA is made by hands personally by Martina. As a self taught artist she continues to learn and improve, both in practical work as well as in fashion theory. Her goal is to make items that aren’t (necessarily) pretty, but have an effect on everyday structure of life, representing and encouraging diversity and tolerance.

Starting with Fall 2014. she is a student at Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, department for costume design.

In her free time she sings, plays a guitar and organizes various events in the city of Zagreb.

    • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, currently a student with full rights at master’s program Costume Design, 2014 – .
    • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Filozofski fakultet), master’s degree in Sociology (licensed both for academic work and high school teaching), 20042012.
    • High school for Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb (Zdravstveno Učilište), Laboratory Medical Diagnostics Technician, 2000 – 2004.
      – University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, CEEPUS Winter school Design week, 2014.
      – University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Japanology, first year program completed, without graduation, 2008 – 2009.
    • Center for Women’s Studies Award for graduate thesis “Cute Face of Rebellion: Feminine and Consumerist Subversive Practices of Japanese Subcultures as a Reaction against Tradition and Patriarchy“, 2012
    • University of Zagreb, Rector award for costume design on a group project for opera by Boris Papandopulo: Madame Buffault, 2015.
  • Book “Slatko lice pobune. Ženstvenost, infantilnost i konzumerizam japanske Harajuku kulture kao izraz otpora prema tradiciji i patrijarhatu.” (Cute face of rebellion. Femininity, infantilization and consumerism of Japanese Harajuku culture as an expression of resistance against tradition and patriarchy.) Jesenski i Turk, Zagreb.
  • Art Clubbing” at VIP club on December 18. 2012. Presented Fall and Winter 2012./13. Gothic Lolita collection.
  • Fashion JAM” at HDLU building (Dzamija) on July 25. 2013. Presented Summer 2013. Surfin’ Kawaii collection.
  • Umag(O) Fashion Night 2013.” in the city of Umag on August 18. 2013. Also for Surfin’ Kawaii collection.
  • Art Clubbing” at Pepermint club on March 25. 2014. Presented Spring collection. themed mori girl and otome kei.
  • PandaKon” at club Močvara on June 22. 2014. Special fashion show called Myau Maniacs in which wearers of the brand are it’s models, stylists and runway organizers.
  • Japanizam 2014.” first international fashion show in Beograd, Serbia on July 3. 2014.  for Spring collection.
  • Fashion JAM vol. 2” at HDLU building (Dzamija) on July 18. 2014. First presentation of Summer collection.
  • Umag(O) Fashion Night 2014.” in the city of Umag on August 17. 2014. Second presentation of Summer collection.
  • Design Week Zagreb TDZG 2015.” at Lauba (ex TKZ) on May 8. 2015., Sprint collection.
  • Japanizam 2015.” fashion show in Beograd, Serbia on July 2. 2015,. Spring collection.
  • “Umag(O) Fashion Night 2015.” in the city of Umag on August 27. 2015. Spring collection.
  • Adventski kalendar 2015: Modna revija studenata TTF-a” in Zagreb, Obrtnički prolaz on 29. November 2015., Spring collection.
  • Short movie “Indoor hunting” (Lov u zatvorenom) produced by students of Academy of Dramatic Art (Akademija dramske umjetnosti), 2014.
  • Group project of several faculties on opera by Boris Papandopulo: “Madame Buffault, costume design department, 2015.
  • Costumes for waitresses at Goulash Disko party “Vesna Shesna, Spring 2015.
  • Student cooperation with Eva Karakaš and students of Academy of Dramatic Art on the play “Waiting for Godot” directed by Krešimir Dolenčić.
    Theater play “Šest konaka šegrta Hlapića” in May 2013. (tulle skirt on character Gita).
    – Umag Film Festival in September 2013.  (sailor bolero and mini hat in video teaser and during the festival).
    – Stylist for hostesses on different events (Japanese party by DJ Nanut² in club Pepermint, Harajuku Rock’n’Roll, PandaKon, Dan Japana, Obscured Motion).
  • Group exhibition at Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, CEEPUS Winter School Design Week, October 2014.
  • Group exhibition in public library Knjižnica Kustošija, project Africa: experimentation, recycling, curator Koraljka Kovač Dugandžić, November 2014.
  • Group exhibition at Technical Museum Zagreb, project Africa: experimentation, recycling, curator Koraljka Kovač Dugandžić, March 2015.
  • Group exhibition in Gallery VN, Polimer art, curator Paulina Jazvić, March 2015.
  • Group exhibition in Gallery Karas in Zagreb, participated with my fashion photography from  EDU workshops / costume design – fashion – performance – contemporary art, curator SofijaSilvia, December 2015.
  • Group exhibition in Gallery ULUPUH, handmade dolls and doll clothes, Three Generations (Tri generacije), curator Ivana Bakal, December 2015.
  •  Solo exhibition “Minimania” at TTF Gallery, Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, curator Silva Kalčić, June 2 – 16. 2015.
  •  Solo exhibition in Umag’s tourist office for their fashion show promotional purposes, August 2015.
  • Zakon Dalekog Istoka” festival by Section for role-play at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in December 2013. Book presentation.
  • Harajuku Rock’n’Roll” event in the club Prostor Do in March 2013.  Presentation titled “Stylistic Feminine Resistance in Japan”.
  • SferaKon 2013. and 2014.“, science fiction convention at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Presentation in 2013. was titled “Kawaii in Japanese subcultures: cute culture as a mean of subversion and capitalist industry” and the one in 2014. was titled “Concept of race in Japanese pop culture and subcultures”.
  • Moda na kvadrat 2013. and 2014.” theoretical and practical fashion project by Cultural Center Trešnjevka. Presentation titled “Alternative fashion industry in Japan. DIY, redesign, bricolage”. Held in May, both in 2013. and 2014.
  • Vox Feminae” festival at culture club MAMA in November 2013. Book presentation.
  • Japanizam 2014.” in Beograd, Serbia on July 4. 2014. Book presentation.
  • “Pandakon.” Japanese convention at club Močvara, presentation on lolita subculture in 2014., presentation on Japanese subcultures in 2013.
  • “Književnost u Močvari – Rani radovi.” Guest performance at ongoing event dedicated to Croatian literature, November 2014.
  • “Lica Kulture: Moda.” Theoretical and practical fashion project by Ivana Čuljak at Cultural Center Trešnjevka. Presentation titled “Craftivism”, May, 2015.
  • Veleučilište Baltazar“, book presentation, Zaprešić, December 2015.
  • Administrator for Lolita Croatia Facebook page, community for lolita subculture in Croatia


  • Fabric8 co-op: One of the founders and President of the Assembly of first Croatian student cooperative.
  • PandaKon: One of the founders of PandaKon, convention dedicated to Asian culture, and it’s leader in 2013.
  • Kamikaze Noise: One of the founders, organizers and DJs of the first Croatian team dedicated to Japanese music.
  • As a founder and member of “Kamikaze Noise” in 2010. :
    1. “Twisted Japanese Sounds” (7. April 2010. at club AKC Medika)
    2. “Twisted Japanese Sounds vol.2” (15. July 2010. at club Željezničar)
    3. “Electric Rainbow” (11. August 2010. at club Željezničar)
    4. “Obscure Motion” (18. December 2010. at club Željezničar)
    5. “Bento Box” picnics
  • As an admin of Lolita Croatia (later on Facebook) community.
    1. All sorts of lolita meet ups since 2006. (Lolita Day celebrations, Halloween parties etc.)
    2. Harajuku fashion swap meets
    3. First Croatian Japanese fashion walk modeled by “Harajuku Fashion Walk” in June 2013.
  • Independent
    1. “Harajuku Rock’n’Roll!” event with Yusuke from Japanese band Minnesota Voodoo Men (16. March 2013. at Prostor Do).
  • Other
    1. “PandaKon” first Croatian Japanese pop culture convention in October 2013. Worked as a manager of the project.
    2. “Dan Japana” in November 2013., 2014. and 2015. It is a yearly event by Embassy of Japan in Croatia. Working as an associate on pop culture program (Cosplay and Harajuku show).
  • Interviews; Jutarnji list, HRT Briljanteen, Hrvatski radio (HRT Croatian radio), Aktual magazine, Globus, Politika, Extravagant, Artsome, and Hedonist Factory websites.
  • Fashion magazines: Grazia, Gloria In.
  • Academic and activist media:
    – Interview and fashion photo shoot with German magazine FAK, 2015. ;
    – Vox Feminae interview “Moda kao ljutnja na patrijarhalno društvo”, June 2015.
  • Other appearances; HRT1, HRT3, Z1, Televizija Student, Glas Istre.