CO Summer 2014.

myauMANIA’s Summer collection 2014. was inspired by Die Antwoord’s song and video “Pitbull Terrier”.
+ Summer fashion show gallery & video (click)

I wanted to do a reinterpretation of characters in the video through kawaii and Gothic & Lolita styles, especially black cat, white cat as a homage to Kusturica’s movie.

So I did two versions of black and white cats. Gothic & Lolita ones.
ema 003klara 001

And casual party kawaii style.

monika 002mirela 003

There is also “Creepy Kitty a la Mode” outfit, inspired by Yolandi in general. Pit bull terrier became “Terror Poodle” in my vision (my own “Poodle Terrier”), cute yet grotesque.

marta 007ena 010

And instead of death, which has been shown in the video, I have decided to portray life and resurrection, circle of life. I called this outfit “Flower Power”.

dajana 003dajana 013

Here you can see the product photos from these outfits + some more accessories at the bottom.