psycho kawaii attitude kocka 600MyauMania represents psycho kawaii style.

Japan and punk inspired fashion design project

with focus on performative art and social activism.

Creations by MyauMania reflect conflict of dystopia and utopia in urban society. Filth, chaos and violence of contemporary life are clashed with romanticism and innocence, gentle femininity and sugary cuteness. These traditionally meek and feeble characteristics can become a powerful instrument of subversion, as Japanese concepts of shoujo and kawaii present in their feminine subcultures teach us. They are used as a shield against such everyday reality.

Inspiration for my designs comes from Japanese Harajuku culture, third wave feminism, Western rock’n’roll culture (60’s garage, surf rock, punk, psychobilly) and pop culture formats like trash B-rated movies, comic books, dystopian, horror and SF literature, for example Bizarro fiction.

© Robert Bernat

© Robert Bernat

© Robert Bernat

© Robert Bernat

This is a world of overproduction, expendable consumer goods of poor quality and undervalued labor, rotated by mindless trends making piles and piles of garbage in a profit seeking society. Even so there are still only few styles available on the market, rotating through years, and there is a tedious uniformity present in majority of people dressing up in their everyday life.

Goal for MyauMania is to create unique objects with deeper meanings for their wearers, becoming their daily dosage of decorative subversion. Those brave enough to express their individuality and stance toward the world encourage creativity in others, promoting diversity and multicultural society.

Learning empathy and tolerance toward others different than us is crucial in making a better world and it is this difference that provokes a deeper thought about life and state of things around us, thus it is a first step in making change possible.

All of MyauMania products are handmade and some are upcycled and vegan friendly. If an item is vegan friendly or upcycled it is always stated in it’s description.