RW Japanizam at Serbia 2014.

This was my first international fashion show. I have presented myauMANIA’s Spring collection 2014. in collaboration with Ada Acid who is a designer for all of the horns the models are wearing.

We were guests at Japanese pop culture convention “Japanizam” in Beograd, Serbia. Fashion show took place on 3. July 2014. Other designers participating in it were: Danny Kovačević Design, Katty Ankoku, Ljubica Dolašević, A.Revolver.

I want to say “Thank you!” from the bottom of my heart to everyone that helped me with this fashion show; first of all Ada who is a great person to work with and I’m honored to be able to collaborate with her. Than organizers of Japanizam who made me feel so welcome, my lovely models from Serbia who have done an amazing job hearing my ideas and putting them to realization, make up artist Anja for the wonderful surreal faces of animal fairies and photographer Marko who was working so hard yet being so nice and patient to us all.


Official photographer for myauMANIA fashion show: Marko Smiljanić

Make up artist: Anja Gospodin Cicko Macic
Horns head accessory designer: Ada Acid
Hair styling and fashion design: myauMANIA
Models: Julija Peric, Teodora Jesic, Danica Nika Đonović, Ana Obrenovic, Dunja TokyoCherry Djuragic

Pictures and video:


(video is already set on the start of myauMANIA part so just click play)