RW Spring 2014.

MyauMania fashion show for Spring 2014. collection “Mori Girl Magic” in collaboration with Borovo d.d. and Ada Acid. At Art Clubbing 25. March 214., club Pepermint Ilica 24.

Inspired by Japanese styles mori girl, otome kei, lolita and awakening of nature, fairytales, magical creatures. Featuring natural colors, most of all white (pure, off-white and antique white) and beige, layers, asymmetry, spontaneous and casual look, motifs of plants and animals like blooming tree branches, roses, birds and Lady bugs. This collection follows ideas of ecology and recycling so big part of the clothes are upcycled from curtains and bits of sewing materials.

Shoes sponsorship: Borovo d.d. (Startas and Borosana brands)
Head accessory horns: Ada Acid
Make up artist: Anna Kosir
Hair stylist: Carla Crue

Official photographer for MyauMania: Robert Bernat (
Models: Pixie Trash, Ana Wi Can, Marija Poll Darts, Marina マリナ Bitunjac, Ani, Ovo Nije Petra Krolo, Jelena Matas

+ product photos
+ photo shoot

Photo copyright:
runway – Art Clubbing and Pepermint
photoshoot – Robert Bernat